A926 Pollaxe. Wallace Collection, London. Circa 1470 possibly French.
Reproduction, Medium; EN42 and EN08 tempered steel and True Grain Ash.

White Well Arms is owned and solely operated by the world renowned artisan Josef Dawes.

He does not have employees and hand forges each item seperately so as no two are ever identical.

Working alone his work has his unique style.

Josef has been professionaly forging for 10 years. since he left college in 2006.

He has been facinated by the art, armour, weapons and craft since he was very young, being influenced by his parents who are professional crafts people.

Josef also works in the film and documentary industry as both infront and behind the scenes.

(photo courtesy of dragonhead productions)

Josef is also a renown full contact competition fighter that represents the UK's National team.

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Josef Dawes
Master Bladesmith.
White Well Arms.

-makers mark and trefoil pierced into most projects.